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The Bolt integrated payments solution provides secure payment methods for a wide variety of applications and business needs.

Whether you're developing a customized point-of-sale environment for a national retailer or a SaaS solution for managing a business, there's a Bolt solution for you.

Get to know our Bolt payment solutions to determine the right integration for your needs:

Bolt Terminal

For Retail and Point-of-Sale

  • Wide range of Clover and Ingenico Bolt terminals
  • Secure P2PE tokenization and contactless payments
  • Simple RESTful Bolt Terminal API integration
  • Cloud-based network connectivity

Bolt Mobile

For Card-Present and
E-commerce Mobile Applications

  • Bolt Mobile Bluetooth card reader
  • SDKs and sample apps for Android and iOS
  • In-app and contactless Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Stored customer profiles

Bolt Desktop

For Enterprise and Small Business

  • Plug-and-play USB Bolt Desktop card reader
  • Secure P2PE tokenization and payments
  • Flexible RESTful APIs
  • EMV-certified

Bolt Unattended

For Kiosk and Self-Service

  • Secure Serial/USB Bolt Unattended card reader
  • Secure P2PE tokenization and payments
  • Simple API Integration
  • EMV-certified
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