Securing every transaction

Through data breach protection & PCI scope reduction.

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PCI-Certified P2PE

Card-Present & Card-Not-Present Protection

The most effective way to secure cardholder data for swiped, dipped and keyed transactions.

Maximum PCI scope reduction

Reduce your SAQ to 26 questions, with the potential to eliminate the SAQ completely.

Stop malware

Thwarts would-be attackers from spreading malicious software across your network of terminals.

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is the foundation of our platform, protecting every transaction at the point of interaction.


Patented, intelligent tokenization


Tokens are randomly generated so impossible to decrypt.


Tokens can be used for recurring charges.


Passes Luhn test, maintains BIN recognition and last four.

Merchant specific

Tokens are unique to your organization.

With CardConnect’s patented tokenization, businesses can greatly reduce the challenges they encounter with PCI compliance for all transactions – both card-present and card-not-present. Only P2PE certified vendors like CardConnect can deliver this unparalleled level of payment security.

Harvey Palmer

Director, enterprise at securitymetrics


Omni-channel Protection

Our patented tokenization and P2PE solutions are available for all types of sales channels

Card present

Retail / POS | P2PE
  • Retail Terminal
  • CardPointe
  • Integrated Devices

Card not present

Moto / Call Center | P2PE
  • PANpad®

Card not present

Ecommerce | Tokenization
  • CardPointe
  • iFrame Tokenizer
  • Hosted Payment Pages
  • Software Integrations

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Developers can leverage real-time reporting and transaction management in CardPointe


Our APIs are built with the ultimate in payment security, using CardSecure tokenization for every transaction


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