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Taylor Havlisch

October 25th, 2017

3min Read

We Brought EMV and P2PE to Your CardPointe Virtual Terminal with Bolt

The latest version of CardPointe is our best yet, and that may be because we’ve added the ability to pair it with something else of equal greatness. With this new release comes a fancy feature that will make things extra secure and super simple for our merchants.


We’ve combined two of our most powerful solutions to bring some cool new features to your CardPointe account. Our Bolt P2PE devices are now perfectly integrated into the CardPointe Virtual Terminal.

That means, if you’re using the Virtual Terminal to set up a transaction, your customer credit cards can be swiped, dipped or keyed into one of our Bolt P2PE devices, for serious security that is fully PCI-compliant.

HOW? If you aren’t too familiar with Bolt P2PE, it’s the newest tech toy on our shelf and we’re pretty proud of it. It’s a solution that secures transactions with EMV technology, our patented tokenization and PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE). For the most part, software companies use Bolt to easily integrate simple and secure payment acceptance right into existing systems. Now that Bolt is directly integrated with CardPointe, the Virtual Terminal is also now more valuable than ever.

To learn more about Bolt's integration to the CardPointe Virtual Terminal and how it works, click here.

You might ask, “How is Bolt different from the CardPointe Terminal?” The answer is while the CardPointe Terminal is a stand-alone, plug-and-play device that’s great for swiped, dipped or keyed transactions, our Bolt P2PE terminals now allow you to accept swiped or EMV payments when you’re using the CardPointe Virtual Terminal.


If you’re a current CardPointe merchant and would like to order a Bolt P2PE device, all you have to do is open a Support Ticket in your CardPointe account to get the process started.

To learn more about our Bolt P2PE solution and devices, here are a few helpful articles that will help give you a better understanding:


If you’re new to CardConnect and would just like to learn more about the CardPointe platform and how it can help you manage your payments and grow your business, we suggest checking out these!

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