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Taylor Havlisch

February 2nd, 2017

3min Read

This Addition to the CardPointe Mobile App Might Change the Way You Do Business: The Catalog

Yeah, we did. We took the mobile app you know and love and added something you’re really going to like. It’s called the CardPointe Catalog.

What’s that, you say? Picture a place where you can input all of your business’s products and services, price and discount them (if you want), label them and organize them all, just the way you like. That’s the CardPointe Catalog.

Here are a few of our CardPointe Catalog favorites:

  • Name, price, describe and discount products, then add them to the appropriate category or categories
  • Add discounts to full shopping carts or single products
  • Create and label categories with colors and descriptions
  • Make seasonal products and categories active or inactive, depending when you need them
  • Swipe card with the CardPointe mobile device or input the card number directly into the app

If you already have the CardPointe app on your smartphone or tablet, all you have to do is activate the Register button in your Application Settings. At that point, you’ll see two new options open up: your Catalog and the Register.

Your Catalog is the place where you’ll add your products and organize them. You can also access this using CardPointe Desktop.

The Register is where you’ll go when you’re ready to checkout with a customer, to select products from your organized categories and apply any discounts. The Register will take the place of the Virtual Terminal, but trust us, it will be just as great!

With this new version of the CardPointe Mobile App, you might also notice that we’ve added the ability to apply gratuity to sales at checkout. This can also be activated in your Application Settings. Another great feature is the addition of a 6-digit PIN for some additional security. It will keep your CardPointe home screen locked when you aren’t using it.

The Catalog is now available to all of our 67,000 merchants, so if you’re ready to learn more, check out additional information at our Support Center. There you can get a sneak peek of what the new feature looks like and what to expect during setup.

The CardPointe platform is always expanding, so make sure to keep an eye out for new features we’re always adding! In case you missed it last month, we added CardPointe HPP to the platform, which is a great hosted payment page option for businesses looking for simple payment functionality for their online stores. Check out the blog here.

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