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Taylor Havlisch

January 13th, 2017

2min Read

You Could Be Using Our Latest Hosted Payment Page for Your Online Store

You’re an online seller and you want the easiest and fastest way to implement a secure payment option for your customers. So, what do you do?

Here’s an option to consider. We’ve just released the latest update to the CardPointe suite: an improved CardPointe Hosted Payment Page, also known as CardPointe HPP.

It’s perfect for sellers looking for a basic ‘Pay Now’ button on a page or an invoice, or for organizations looking for the ability to simply collect charitable donations.

This solution is secure and simple, and the setup is fast. When we say fast, we mean it...really fast. That’s because it doesn’t require the involvement of a programmer.

For all registered CardPointe users, CardPointe HPP is completely free to add as a payment acceptance method. It’s seamlessly integrated with the CardConnect Payment Gateway and is also shielded by the protection of CardSecure, our patented security solution that can reduce PCI scope for businesses. That means less time and money spent on the management of PCI compliance, so you can focus on other business matters.

The latest CardPointe HPP is something we’re excited about, so we’d love to talk to you about adding it to your online store. Visit to reach us and learn more.

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