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Taylor Havlisch

September 22nd, 2016

3min Read

The CardPointe Marketplace: Your Shopping Guide for Integrations

As part of the CardPointe blog series, we’ve been talking quite a bit about the features of the platform and the hardware, including the terminal and mobile swiper, but did you know that CardPointe is integrated with other powerful add-ons to help you get the most out of your payments experience?

Our integrations range from fraud protection solutions, to analytics, to shopping carts. With these integrations, clients also get the benefit of full access to the CardPointe platform. The CardPointe Marketplace is where you can go for additional integrations + add-ons, like these:

3D Secure

As part of CardConnect’s fraud prevention solutions, we’ve integrated with 3D Secure, an authentication solution for e-commerce that provides an extra layer of security to card holders. It’s an added validation step that requests consumers enter a PIN or password in order to complete card-not-present transactions. With this add-on, clients can even lower interchange fees.


Kount is another great protection solution for the prevention of e-commerce and card-not-present fraud. Kount’s technology, called the “decision engine” platform, is able to detect fraud in an instant and even allows merchants to set manual rules for approving or declining transactions. With this plug-in, merchants can easily avoid chargeback fees and fines.

Hosted Payment Page

CardConnect provides a payment page for merchants to embed (and even customize) on their website as a solution to securely process online transactions. The setup is easy and merchants are instantly provided with our most advanced security features, including our patented tokenization. PCI-DSS scope is also reduced because merchants aren’t handling any payment data themselves.

Here’s what a basic Hosted Payment Page can look like.

If you’re an existing client with us, getting add-ons like these is easy to do. Just check out the Marketplace tab within your CardPointe account. From there, you can learn more about the integrations best suited for your business and get in touch with us for next steps.

Our available integrations are opportunities for our merchants to grow their businesses with reliable, simple and secure payment processing. It is our priority to protect the sensitive information of businesses and their customers. For more on our integrations, check out our recent blog on Optimizing the Customer Experience.

Stay tuned for the next blog post in the series, where we’ll introduce you to your CardConnect support team.

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This blog is part of the CardPointe series. The series is focused on getting you better acquainted with CardConnect’s powerful payment processing suite, answering the questions you might have, and diving into what sets it apart in an industry that demands innovative thinking.

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