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Taylor Havlisch

September 8th, 2016

2min Read

Your Ideal On-the-Go Payments Experience: CardPointe Mobile App + Device

Live transaction data, right at your fingertips

During the past several weeks, you’ve learned about the powerful CardPointe platform and what it can do for businesses’ payment processing and management. Now that the CardPointe Mobile Devices are available, it’s time to really dive into the mobile capabilities and how they complete the CardPointe suite.

The App

With the CardPointe mobile app, you can turn a smart phone into the ultimate on-the-go terminal. Picture everything you love about the CardPointe platform, now on your own phone, anywhere you are. The app is free and can be downloaded right from the Apple® and Google Play™ stores. What’s great is that you can leverage the CardPointe Virtual Terminal, so you’re able to securely accept all major credit cards with key entry or with the connected device. One of our favorite things about this, is that if your internet should ever go down, the CardPointe mobile app can function as a reliable backup terminal, just by utilizing the Virtual Terminal.

Just like you would on a laptop or desktop, you can easily manage all of your transactions and pull reports whenever you need them. Your dashboard is always available to view key sales and transaction data and even drill down the details of a particular payment.

Check out this brief demo on using the CardPointe mobile app...

The Device

To compliment the mobile app, the CardPointe mobile device is available and currently supports transactions via swipe. It plugs right into the standard audio port on iOS and Android mobile devices, so accepting payments is fast and easy. If you’re already doing business with us, you can purchase your own CardPointe mobile device at or visit the “My Account” tab once you log in to CardPointe.

If you ever have questions about using the CardPointe mobile app or device, you can always visit our Support Center for more information.

This blog is part of the CardPointe series. The series is focused on getting you better acquainted with CardConnect’s powerful payment processing suite, answering the questions you might have, and diving into what sets it apart in an industry that demands innovative thinking. Read the other blogs in this series here.

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