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Taylor Havlisch

October 25th, 2016

5min Read

The Most Common CardPointe Questions: Answered

We’ve said it before — we understand and appreciate that as a business owner, your focus is not to be an expert in credit card payments, but to successfully run and grow your company. If you’re using our CardPointe platform to process your company’s payments, we know questions sometimes arise and we’re here to answer them. That’s why we sat down with some of our support team members to identify a few of the most common questions we receive from business owners and account managers. Here are the top five questions we get from our clients and (hopefully) some helpful answers.

I don’t remember my CardPointe login information…can you help?

It’s tough to remember all of the programs, subscriptions and services that we’re registered for. It’s even harder to remember all of the usernames and passwords we have floating around out there. When you register your CardPointe account to begin processing payments, we recommend bookmarking the CardPointe login page ( in your browser and recording your login information in a secure location. If you forget your password, just click the link on the login page to reset it. If you have trouble logging in, give our support team a call.

What’s the difference between the CardPointe app and the CardConnect app?

CardConnect Mobile was CardConnect’s first app, which launched in September 2015, and was used exclusively to accept payments. As CardPointe has grown to become a powerful, comprehensive payments platform, the CardPointe mobile app has since replaced the old app. The CardPointe app brings the whole platform right to your fingertips for on-the-go processing, real-time reporting and transaction management. The app is free and can be downloaded right from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Check out this video on how the CardPointe mobile app can simplify your payment processing.

How do I know if my mobile device is installed correctly?

For merchants who want to use the CardPointe app to accept credit card payments, we offer a mobile device that pairs with the app. Setting up your CardPointe mobile device is very simple. Within minutes of unboxing the device, you’ll be able to accept customer payments. Just follow these quick steps:

1) Turn your phone volume up

2) Make sure the microphone permissions are enabled in your phone’s settings:

> If you have an iPhone, you will be prompted to allow microphone access when the swiper is inserted to your phone’s audio port and the CardPointe app has been opened

> If you have an Android, you will have to go into your phone’s settings, select Application Manager > CardPointe > Permissions and enable microphone access

3) In the CardPointe app, select the Virtual Terminal and begin processing transactions

Does my phone charge the CardPointe mobile device when it’s plugged into the audio port?

The CardPointe mobile device is shipped with a full charge. Your phone will not give the device a charge while it’s plugged into the audio port, so when the battery is running low, be sure to recharge it by plugging it into a powered USB port using the provided micro USB cable. The device should charge for 40 minutes, and will be ready to process approximately 240 transactions with a full battery.

What is PCI compliance and why should I care?

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council enforces a set of standards called the PCI Data Security Standards that are in place to help ensure companies that process, store and transmit credit card information are securely handling the information of their customers, to help prevent and lessen the impacts of a data breach. Most times, if a business is non-compliant, a fine must be paid. While it can be a pain to stay up-to-date on the guidelines of the Council, it’s certainly worth it. For a small business, being breached can sometimes mean the end of the business. That’s why it’s important to take the guidelines seriously and manage your PCI compliance.

Each year, businesses must fill out the the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) which includes a series of yes-or-no questions for each applicable PCI Data Security Standard requirement. If an answer to a question is no, your business "may be required to state the future remediation date and associated actions.” To help you through the process, CardConnect has partnered with Trustwave to provide an easy-to-use PCI Wizard that allows merchants to pass all of the PCI requirements as quickly as possible.

If you think CardConnect can help with your business’s payment processing and want to know more about our products, fill out the quick form at Let us know what you’re interested in talking about and we can put you in touch with someone who can answer all your questions.

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