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Taylor Havlisch

August 25th, 2016

3min Read

What You Should Know About the CardPointe Terminal

This month has proven to be somewhat of a nightmare for some large companies who have fallen victim to major breaches of their point-of-sale systems. Just last week, clothing store chain Eddie Bauer announced the detection and removal of malware on their systems in more than 350 North American stores. HEI Hotels & Resorts, the parent company of Starwood, Marriott and Hilton, experienced a similar breach at some of its restaurants, bars, spas and lobby stores, putting at risk the cardholder information of many of its guest and customers.

As a business owner, there’s enough to worry about in the day-to-day operation of things. Running a company should not automatically require a business owner to also be an expert in combatting credit card fraud and theft. Unfortunately, such crime will remain an inalienable truth for as long as their is information to steal. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be done.

The CardPointe Terminal is a simple solution that provides an unmatched level of protection for every card transaction that is processed. The terminal is CardConnect’s first plug-and-play device that accepts cards with both magnetic stripes and EMV chips, as well as NFC payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay. It is seamlessly integrated with the CardPointe platform, which means when card transactions are processed, they can be easily managed within CardPointe, for full lifecycle reporting in real time, right from a desktop or mobile device.

Our devices are also protected by CardSecure, a combination of point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and our patented tokenization. This ensures that your customers’ payment data is instantly protected at the point of entry, and ensure secure transmission for processing.

Check out the below video for a demo to see how simple unboxing and setting up the CardPointe Terminal is. For a more detailed look at using the terminal, download the device's quick reference guide.

If you’re an existing client, purchasing the CardPointe Terminal is easy…just visit If you’re new to CardConnect, reach out to us here to inquire about our services.

This blog is part of the CardPointe series. The series is focused on getting you better acquainted with CardConnect’s powerful payment processing suite, answering the questions you might have, and diving into what sets it apart in an industry that demands innovative thinking. Read the other blogs in this series here.

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