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Taylor Havlisch

August 11th, 2016

3min Read

Get to Know the CardPointe Virtual Terminal

How do you transform your computer into the most powerful point-of-sale system on the market? Register your CardPointe account and take advantage of one of the most comprehensive platforms available. The CardPointe Virtual Terminal is a browser-based POS system that allows clients to accept payments right from a desktop or laptop. Not only that, it’s equipped with features that ensure the payment processing experience for every transaction is fast, simple and secure.

The CardPointe Virtual Terminal is perfect for processing both card-present and card-not-present transactions and because the cardholder information is instantly encrypted, tokenized and then stored in a vault, the computer powering the Virtual Terminal is completely removed from PCI scope. The CardPointe Virtual Terminal also processes Level II and Level III data so that every transaction automatically qualifies for the lowest interchange rate possible.

Taking an order over the phone? Away from your store? Processing payments on the Virtual Terminal can be done in just a few simple steps:

1) Open CardPointe in your browser, then click the Virtual Terminal tab

2) Enter brief customer information and the total sale amount

3) Swipe a customer’s credit card using an integrated USB magstripe reader that can be easily plugged into the computer or manually enter the credit card information

4) Instantly process the payment and secure the cardholder data with CardSecure(R), a patented combination of tokenization and encryption

5) Print or email a receipt to the customer

The hardware that can be used for processing payments with the Virtual Terminal can be found at

  • SecuRED. PCI Secure Reading Exchange of Data (SRED)-Certified magnetic stripe card reader that encrypts payment card data as it is swiped and provides security needed to achieve PCI SRED standards.
  • IDTech SCREDKey. An encrypted keypad with an LCD and an encrypted MagStripe reader that offers a complete and reliable security solution.
  • Receipt Printer. An Epson TM-T88V printer that is fast, reliable and easy to configure.

For more on the CardPointe platform, check out the previous blog in the series and view the video below. Next time, we’ll look at the CardPointe plug & play Terminal.

This blog is part of the CardPointe series. The series will focus on getting you better acquainted with CardConnect’s powerful payment processing platform, answering the questions you might have, and diving into what sets it apart in an industry that demands innovative thinking.

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