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October 14th, 2016

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Data Breach Prevention: Lessons for Point-of-Sale Software

As a restaurant Point-of-Sale (POS) software, you might be facing data breach attacks against your organization every day. It’s important to not ignore threats and breaches against other software companies, but take those and prepare yourself to prevent an attack on your software. We’re going to talk about how you can take the information from previous breaches, use it to prevent any future breaches and how understanding data breaches will help you pick the right payment partner.

How important is security to your software to prevent a data breach?

Being proactive is key. That starts with finding a payments partner that provides a security solution. This gives Point-of-Sale Restaurant Software companies the power to say that they are ensuring every single transaction is properly secured. This “5 Lessons to Learn from A Restaurant POS Security Breach” article from The Point of Sale News warns, “Any POS terminal with an IP address and a connection to a business’s network is as vulnerable to compromise as all the other pieces of equipment in the network.” Any piece of the payment puzzle is vulnerable to a data breach. Choosing a payments partner that provides terminals, a gateway, and a mobile solution that feature Point-to-Point Encryption will allow you to provide a software that ensures any restaurant, cafe, bar and vendor selling food is processing without risk of a data breach.

CardConnect is one of the few payment processors that is featured on the PCI Council’s list of P2PE solutions. Which leads us to our next topic: Are all payment securities the same?

Are all payment securities the same?

No, not all payment partner’s securities are the same. Few companies offer true Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), so it is vital that restaurant POS software companies understand the differences between true P2PE and FinTech companies who do not have true P2PE. CardConnect’s P2PE ensures a payment transaction is encrypted and tokenized immediately, while other payment platforms’ encryption is delayed. This delayed encryption is the opportunity hackers seek. CardConnect’s tokenization ensures every transaction is given a unique token that is useless in the event of a data breach. CardConnect’s tokens are irreversible, randomly generated, unique so that a token can be used for recurring charges, while maintaining the BIN recognition and the last four numbers of the card. This solution reduces the challenges you and your clients encounter with PCI compliance, but most importantly protects your software from a data breach. Point of Sale's article reminds us that software companies “must be as vigilant as ever to protect their business and customers from a data security breach.” Being vigilant goes beyond creating strong passwords, it includes choosing partners that will provide you the best and securest payment for your software.

At CardConnect, we understand the importance of providing our partners with a secure payment platform. As hackers continue to target POS Software, we provide security solutions to allow you to process payments securely. CardConnect offers best-in-class security, along with a suite of payment processing technology to our software partners. Visit our Partner page to learn more.

This blog is part of the Integrated Payment series. This series will focus on integrating payments into software for small and large businesses alike, while keeping our audience up-to-date on the happenings within the integrated payments world.

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