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David Curl

March 23rd, 2017

2min Read

Why I Made the Move to CardConnect

This week, it was announced that I’ve joined the CardConnect team as Director of Enterprise Sales with a focus on our SAP business. Let me start by saying, this was a highly-anticipated move for me. Previously, I had spent almost ten years as an RVP of sales at Paymetric, similar on the surface to CardConnect, but something drew me to this Philadelphia-based processing company that I’d like to share.

I’ve been in the credit card payment industry for many years and in the enterprise software space for over twenty-five years. When I started paying attention to CardConnect, it became clear to me that they offer something that their competitors do not: a powerful combination of payment security, ERP integration and merchant services.

The fact that we (CardConnect) can not only integrate seamlessly to SAP and other ERPs, but can effectively optimize interchange rates, truly differentiates us from the competition. This rate optimization saves many customers $10,000s or even $100,000s per month.

I was made even more comfortable since CardConnect is a fully transparent, publicly-traded company (NASDAQ:CCN). I had the peace of mind in knowing that CardConnect is a very financially healthy company. That same peace of mind that our over 67,000 current customers have and that I can offer my prospects.

My new role with CardConnect will require me to identify and build relationships with SAP enterprise companies. I can truly say it’s exciting to have the ability to offer prospective clients a complete set of services and solutions that can help their businesses grow.

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