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Taylor Havlisch

May 18th, 2017

3min Read

CardPointe Now Has An Equipment Manager

We’ve done it again. Added something great to CardPointe. With each update to CardPointe, we add something that will make running your business a little easier.

This time, that something is called the Equipment Manager.

It’s a corner of CardPointe where you can keep track of all the equipment you order to process payments for your business. To get there, just log in to CardPointe and visit the ‘My Account’ section. You can access the tracking information for your shipments and even make address changes for equipment you’ve already ordered. Now, pay close attention...this is also the place where you’ll go to securely activate your new devices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t forget that when you receive your equipment in the mail, you have to activate all devices within your CardPointe account, before you can start using them. This is a security procedure to ensure that a device has not been intercepted and set up by a malicious third-party. Luckily, CardPointe makes activation easy. Just log in, visit the ‘My Account’ section and click the ‘Device’ tab. There you’ll see listed, all the devices for your account. Just click the ‘Enable’ button next to the ones you want to activate and you’re ready to start processing!

If you’re not familiar with our devices, the CardPointe Terminal is one of our most popular. It comes in two versions, the Ingenico iCT220 and the Ingenico iCT250 (with a color display), both of which are countertop terminals perfect for retailers, restaurants, and other small shops.

Check out this video for details on setting up the CardPointe terminal after it’s been enabled.

If you’re a current merchant with us and you need to place an order for a terminal or mobile device, you can visit the Marketplace tab in your CardPointe account, or just go directly to and start filling up your cart!

Other New Features: AVS Thresholds & Receipt Tip Lines

We’re really excited about the addition of the Equipment Manager to CardPointe, but that’s not all. We’ve also added the ability to enter a dollar amount threshold for Address Verification System (AVS) mismatches. For transactions that fall under the defined threshold amount, they’ll be authorized and voided if there’s a mismatch. Anything that goes over the threshold will be verified before an authorization is attempted.

And one more thing. If you wish, you can now add tip lines to your receipts! If you have the ‘tip adjust’ setting enabled in your CardPointe account, you can then visit the ‘Administration’ tab once you’ve logged in to CardPointe. The in the ‘Receipts’ tab, you can check the box next to ‘Tip Lines’ and click save. Doing this will add a line for your customers to add tips to printed receipts.

To learn more about the recent updates to the CardPointe platform, you can always check out the detailed release notes in our Support Center.

If you think this all sounds pretty cool, and you want to start processing with us, you can head straight to our Signup form to get a conversation started:

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