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Taylor Havlisch

February 9th, 2017

2min Read

This Is What Happens at FinTech PHL Meetups

In recent years, the Philadelphia area has been home to a growing community of rising tech stars. Last month at the CardConnect offices, approximately 40 of those stars came together for FinTech PHLs fourth official meetup, “Tech Innovation and Growth at CardConnect,” which also happened to be the first one of the year.

If you aren’t familiar with FinTech PHL, let’s back up. An organization formed in 2015, it “brings together technologists, business leaders, entrepreneurs and academics who are interested in the convergence of financial services and technology.”

They’ve got three areas of focus:

1. Promote the work of local companies

2. Connect local talent with hiring managers

3. Nurture a community of innovators and collaborators right here in Philadelphia

Over a dinner of Chipotle and beer, tech leaders, passionate entrepreneurs and growing professionals spent time meeting one another and talking about their latest endeavors, and what’s been happening in the Philly tech scene lately.

While some were caught up in energetic conversation, others took tours of the new CardConnect offices. After the group had done some valuable networking, CardConnect COO Patrick Shanahan and VP of Technology Nick Aceto took the stage and shared some insights about the tech evolution of CardConnect’s payment processing solutions like the CardPointe platform, and what’s been coming down the pipeline. They also shared details about the network of different teams at CardConnect, both operational and technological, and available opportunities for those interested.

We were thrilled to host such an enthusiastic group of tech pros and we thank the night’s organizer and FinTech PHL leader David Whitaker for the opportunity. Here’s to many more meetups!

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