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Chelsea Palo

June 7th, 2016

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CardConnect and Greener Partners Team Up to Build a Garden!

  1. Inspired by Earth day, CardConnect set out to help our friends at Greener Partners build garden beds for their spring/summertime crops.

It was a beautiful day - sunny and a bit on the warmer side; perfect for some outdoor activities. We split our ten volunteers into groups of two: the first group volunteered in the morning and the second volunteered for the afternoon shift. The morning crew was in charge of constructing ten garden beds - a task that we found presented the perfect opportunity to get to know our fellow teammates outside of CardConnect's walls. Not only did we need to rely on each other to construct each bed (we went through quite a few drills and bent nails before getting into our groove), but we also had the chance to enjoy a beautiful day outside while the rest of CardConnect was back at headquarters.

The afternoon crew was tasked with staking the garden beds into the ground and shoveling the compost into the beds. What started as a mountainous pile of compost (bigger than some of our volunteers!), turned into the foundation of Greener Partners' spring and summer crop share. The result? A few sun burns here and there, and an overwhelmingly strong sense of community - both with our team members and Greener Partners as a whole.

Greener Partners is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose main goal is to increase and strengthen public access to fresh, local food. CardConnect participates in their 'Farm Fresh to Office’ initiative, which delivers fresh vegetables and fruits to local companies, and we cannot wait to bite into some of the delicious crops that will be planted in our garden beds! Visit Greener Partners’ site today to see how you can integrate healthy eating into your life.

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