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Shaila Ortega

September 29th, 2016

3min Read

Integrated Payments Solution: Five Common Questions, Answered

Throughout this series, we have discussed the functionality of a successful integrated partner, along with features of the CardConnect Integrated Solution. To continue the ISV series, we sat down with Rob Nathan, EVP of Integrated Solutions, to answer five common questions we hear from software partners.

What is a Point-to-Point (P2PE) Cloud Solution & why do software companies need it?

A P2PE cloud enables clients to connect to our devices via a network versus connecting each device locally or at a USB level. This provides a much more robust solution and a seamless integration, allowing software companies the freedom to process payments simply and securely. We are coming out with a plug-n-play restful version of this solution in early 2017.

What type of revenue share and/or incentives are provided to partners?

We offer a wide array of revenue share and incentive opportunities for our partners. The goal is to create a mutually beneficial partnership that provides significant financial upside and motivation that keeps growth in motion.

What EMV solutions are available? How do they benefit software companies?

We have EMV solutions available through the Ingenico Telium line of products. We are constantly certifying to new processing platforms for EMV to satisfy the requirements of our software partners. These solutions allow us to offer partners a powerful combination of EMV and PCI validated P2PE products - a unique solution in the marketplace that caters to the ever-changing requirements, allowing software partners to stay ahead and remain compliant.

As a software partner, what tools are available to grow conversion rates?

Integrating to the CardConnect platform is simply the first step. We have multiple teams that ensure the integration is supported, that operational and onboarding processes are tight, and dedicated marketing resources are available to enable lead generation and boost conversions. This is achieved by creating a strategic plan specific to the needs of each software partner. Once the integration is complete, our marketing team establishes a plan with each partner and introduces a variety of tools such as, landing page development, e-mail campaigns, co-branded materials and a sales team dedicated to bringing customers on board, just to name a few. With each partner, the goal is to increase conversion rates and boost brand recognition through efforts specific to the needs of the software company and their client base. ISV Flow.png

What reporting tools are provided to software partners? Are they user-friendly?

CoPilot is the most advanced partner solution on the market. It enables our software partners to quickly and seamlessly onboard customers, manage accounts, and view commissions quickly and easily. In addition, we have our CoPilot API which can completely streamline the onboarding process and combine it with our partner's application flow.

Once live, our partners and their clients have full access to our CardPointe platform. This environment provides full payment lifecycle reporting from real time authorizations all the way through funding. You can manage transactions, set up recurring or future payments, and even utilize our app from your mobile device by downloading from the app store (iOS and Android compatible).

CardConnect has an extended history of successful software partnerships and is confident in its ability to do the same for you. Our partners are able to offer their customers advanced P2PE security solutions, along with CardConnect suite of payment processing technology and services, all from the comfort of your software. Visit our Partner page to learn more.

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