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August 19th, 2016

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What’s It Like to Intern at CardConnect?

Over the past three months, I have been serving as CardConnect’s marketing support intern. As my internship here draws to a close and I reflect back on all I have learned, I realize what an amazing opportunity this has been. Being a marketing intern but also focusing on technical writing, I was able to gain experience in many different areas. From creating web pages to helping plan the product show, I had the chance to work on many different projects. I learned how to use various applications, such as Craft CMS for updating and creating content for the support site and Buffer for managing social media posts. By working with so many different people and sitting in on various meetings, I was able to see how all of the different departments within the company interact with one another. The culture at CardConnect truly made me want to come to work every day. Every employee I met was so friendly and always willing to offer helpful advice. CardConnect had just begun forming giving circles for local charities when I arrived, so I’m very thankful to have been a part of such a rewarding program. From the catered lunches to the mindfulness classes, it’s clear that CardConnect strives to make the office an enjoyable environment to work in. My time here at CardConnect went by far too quickly and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work here this summer. See what some of my fellow interns had to say about their own experiences!

“Interning at CardConnect this summer has been a fantastic experience and I’ve learned so much during my time here. I valued not being on a single team and instead getting to work with people in various departments of the company. I felt like having some knowledge in multiple areas of the company and seeing how they all interacted with one other was much more beneficial than having slightly in-depth knowledge of one department. The culture of the company made it worth coming to work every day and not sleeping in until noon like I normally would in the summer. I had heard this was a fun place to work, but didn’t believe until I experienced it for myself. Interning somewhere that has a stocked kitchen, Nerf gun fights, a Playstation, and a ping pong table to play on during breaks has made this an ideal place for a college student to intern and makes plenty of people I know very jealous. All of my coworkers here were very easy to talk to and ask for help, and have played a huge part in making this internship as much fun as it was. I’ve enjoyed my summer at CardConnect and am appreciative to have had this opportunity.”

Ryan Palo, Operations Support Intern

“Interning at CardConnect this summer was a great educational experience. Ryan and I, the Operations interns, were given projects from multiple departments in our division. We worked with Underwriting and learned how to evaluate merchants to obtain the best book of business possible. The Boarding team gave us a scope of how to integrate each merchant into CardConnect’s system, while the Merchant Solutions team taught us how to support the merchants’ needs and create a solid relationship with our clients. Being able to shadow these departments helped us get a full scope of how CardConnect operates. The company culture of CardConnect was what I enjoyed the most. The whole team of employees made me feel welcomed from day one. The basketball and hockey leagues, Thursday lunches, and other events throughout the summer made it easy to get to know everybody here. Many busy team members took time out of their day to teach us all about the credit card processing industry so that we could understand and see the meaning in the projects given to us. This unique experience helped to build my abilities in the workforce and form unexpected friendships.”

Robert Bradley, Operations Support Intern

“My internship at CardConnect has been such a phenomenal and educational experience. Being the Officer Manager for the summer, I was able to observe and oversee both the operations and technology sides of CardConnect. Most of my duties consisted of communicating with executives for various tasks that needed to be completed, reviewing and approving office supply requisitions, partnering with Human Resources to maintain office policies as necessary, setting up catered lunches for employees and special events or meetings, directing and coordinating office services, expensing reports for executives through Concur, booking transportation and stays for our guests and employees, and also helping the Merchant Solutions team suppress credit card statements. CardConnect cultivates such a diverse company and they are truly devoted to their employees. I was very lucky to be able to intern here for the summer. Credit card processing is a competitive, growing industry and CardConnect has educated me enormously about this specific field.”

Ly Cao, Administrative Intern

“Everyone went out of their way to introduce themselves to the summer interns during my first day at CardConnect and since then I have felt welcomed at the company. During my time here, every member on the Application Development team was a mentor to me and was always willing to answer my questions and explain concepts. I arrived when my team was just starting development on CoPilot, a portfolio management program for our partners and sales agents. Although I did not get the chance to contribute code, thanks to the mentorship of the developers on my team, I learned how to configure a developer environment and also about the frameworks and software used to support our programs and platforms. I am thankful to have been exposed to the management structure of a tech team and to have worked with individuals who taught me what to look for in professional websites by constantly asking: "what will the user's experience be?" My experience working at CardConnect will influence what I prioritize when completing the UI side of coding assignments in my senior year of college. I am grateful to have had the unique opportunity to be here from the beginning of major functionality development on CoPilot.”

Hanna Fields, Tech Support Intern

A few of our interns at a celebratory goodbye dinner with their mentors.

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