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Taylor Havlisch

January 31st, 2017

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We're Recognizing Years of Partnership and Payment Processing with LIXIL

Here’s something you may not know: Water technology manufacturer LIXIL and CardConnect have been working together for years to protect cardholder data of thousands of customers.

The relationship originated back in 2009, built upon the shared concern to keep payment data safe from criminal data breaches and fraudulent activity. LIXIL actually became CardConnect’s first client to sign on with a hosted system solution, a method that would remove servers storing sensitive customer information from their facilities, and instead place that information in a protected vault and secure it with CardConnect’s patented tokenization.

Tokenization is a solution that replaces valuable data, like credit card holder information, with valueless tokens that would otherwise mean nothing to a criminal hacker, should an organization ever find a system compromised.

As a result, this method of tokenization, part of CardSecure, immediately reduced the scope of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for LIXIL and has continued to maintain the security of payment data for thousands.

“Protecting cardholder data for the customers of large enterprise companies like LIXIL has always been a priority for CardConnect,” said Alex Chapman, Director of Enterprise Systems at CardConnect. “We’re also committed to providing technology solutions that really push the limits of innovation. Together with LIXIL, that’s exactly what we’ve done. Our partnership is highly valued and we look forward to a future of secure payment processing for each and every one of their clients.”

At CardConnect, our payment processing is integrated with enterprise software systems like Oracle, JD Edwards and SAP (the system used by LIXIL). With these integrations, as well as the company’s use of CardConnect terminals secured with point-to-point encryption, LIXIL can easily and securely accept credit and debit card payments for both online transactions and transactions completed by team members at showrooms and home centers, while remaining fully PCI compliant.

“For decades, the LIXIL promise to provide innovative products of the highest quality and reliability to our clients and customers remains,” said Larry Nejman, Director of Financial Systems and Processes at LIXIL Water Technology. “It’s equally important for us to provide that same level of quality to the protection of our customers’ information, each and every time they trust us with a purchase. Our seven-year partnership with CardConnect has met and surpassed out expectations to consistently maintain that level of security, ensuring our data is always safe so that we can make the same promise to our clients.”

Now, CardConnect and LIXIL are looking into the future together. As part of the next phase of the partnership, CardConnect is working to provide a payments solution that will fulfill the need for LIXIL sales representatives to process card payments while providing services directly in homes, buildings and other establishments.

Putting secure card acceptance in the hands of on-site representatives will allow clients and customers the peace of mind that data is being securely handled through every step of on-the-go card transaction processing.

We look forward to celebrating another innovative year in partnership with LIXIL.

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