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Chelsea Palo

March 8th, 2016

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The CardConnect Mindfulness Program

It’s a no brainer: people are more successful and satisfied with their work and personal lives if they can effectively manage their stress, be responsive rather than reactive, communicate successfully and show empathy towards themselves and others. While this sounds wonderful in theory, you may be wondering how you can actually achieve this level of ‘calmness’ in your life – three words: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

“The more you are focusing on time – past and future – the more you miss the now,” – Eckhart Tolle

At its core, Mindfulness is a practice that strengthens the mind’s ability to stay focused on what is happening at the present moment and to be open to experience. In essence, Mindfulness asks for you to not be lost in past memories or be overwhelmed by thoughts of the future. The only requirement? Receptive, nonjudgmental awareness. Although this may sound like a simple concept, Mindfulness is actually a multifaceted practice that has a plethora of benefits.

Various studies conducted by Thomas Jefferson University have found that Mindfulness reduces chronic pain, medial symptoms, anxiety and depression. Other studies saw Mindfuless reduce stress and assist in the treatment of sleep disorders, high blood pressure, heart disease and asthma.

Many innovative and forward-thinking companies, such as Apple, Google and Yahoo have joined the Mindfulness-Based Stress movement to encourage a positive work environment and help employees better understand and work with all the stressors in their lives – medical, psychological and social.

Last spring, CardConnect enlisted the help of Diane Reibel, PHD., Director of the Mindfulness Institute at the Jefferson-Myrna Center of Interactive Medicine and Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Jefferson Medical College, to create a 6-week Mindfulness Program (complete with a day-long mindful retreat!) that focused on:

  • The effects of workplace stress
  • The benefits of Mindfulness mediation practices
  • Applications of Mindfulness in daily living

Our 6-Week Mindfulness Program was so wildly successful, we rolled out a second installment this winter for those employees who didn’t get to particiate in the spring. We also currently have Mindfulness refresher courses every other Friday to ensure our employees receive the tools needed to live in a more mindful manner, which in turn makes our workspace a more successful environment.

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