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Chelsea Palo

January 26th, 2017

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A Look Back at 2016: CardConnect Does Movember

CardConnect's Partner Marketing Manager, Chelsea Palo, looks back at 2016 to discuss one of her favorite charitable endeavors.

For me, the best part about entering into a new year year is taking a moment to reflect on all that you’ve done the previous year. I know, this sounds a bit counterproductive, but hear me out. So often, we move onto our next task or goal without taking a step back and taking note of all that we’ve accomplished. With that being said, I recently took some time out of my day to look back at a few of my favorite projects I’ve been apart of at CardConnect. 2016 was one for the books — we announced our FinTech merger agreement, rolled out the CardPointe platform, and released a newer, more streamlined version of CoPilot; but one of my very favorite projects was spearheading CardConnect’s participation with the Movember Foundation.

Since moving to King of Prussia in 2012, we’ve made it our mission to find creative ways to give back to our community — queue the 2015 birth of CardConnections, our charitable arm. The Marketing crew here has had a big hand in CardConnections — we try to find organizations that allow us to have fun, while doing good; a combination that has sparked several charitable initiatives throughout the year. Our EVP, Rob Nathan, came to me one afternoon with the desire to get involved with the Movember movement. Naturally, I got right on board; admittedly without knowing too much about the organization.

For those of you, who like me, aren’t too familiar with the Movember Foundation, it is a leading global organization that aims to change the face of men’s health. So what does that really mean? Movember has prioritized its funding into three of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health/suicide prevention. By focusing its efforts on these three main priorities, the Movember Foundation is able to ensure each program receives the global attention it deserves.

Rob asked me to look into the Movember Foundation towards the end of October — right before one of the organization’s largest charitable months: November (fondly referred to as Movember). The idea behind Movember — albeit simple — is brilliant: ‘Grow a Mo (as in mustache), save a Bro’. To get started with Movember, all we had to do was create a charitable profile on their website. I then implored all of the mustache-growing capable people in the office to start the month of November off with a clean shaven face — they would then re-grow their mustaches throughout the month, raising money (and awareness) for men’s health. Make sense? Let’s take a look at my Movember journey.

Your definitive guide to crushing Movember — one mustache at a time:
  1. Set your goal: Since this was the first time CardConnect was participating in Movember, I didn’t want to set unrealistic fundraising expectations, so I decided that CardConnect would match whatever monetary amount we ended up raising — that way, the Movember Foundation would still receive a sizable donation from us (we were able to raise $2,486 on our own!)
  2. Get creative: I planned several after-work events throughout the month to encourage Movember participation — in order for an employee to attend, all he had to do was donate to the cause
  3. Have fun: Every Friday, we had Kristin, owner of the Swarthmore Barbershop, visit the office to give our participants ‘shape ups’ — her first visit was on November 1 to make sure everyone started the month with a clean shaven face
  4. Drum Up Some Competition: Appeal to the inherent level of competitiveness that lives in all of us! To make things even more interesting, we held a ‘stache contest at the end of the month for the following categories: Creepiest Stache, Most Creative Stache, Most Impressive Growth, Straggliest Stache and Overall Stache Domination. The winners all won mustache-themed gifts (think beard oil, stainless steel razors, etc.).

I must confess: I love spending quality time with my coworkers — whether it be a happy hour or a trip to a Phillies game — but there’s something about spending time together to achieve a common goal to better the world around us that really excites me. Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe it’s because I had quite a few event planning internships throughout college, or because I’m an Italian American that can’t resist the need to bring people together; whatever it is, I’m incredibly lucky that my company allows me to plan events, such as Movember, throughout the year. Now, this blog post wouldn’t be complete without showing you the end result of Movember @ CardConnect — be warned, the below picture is rather…hairy!

If you’d like to learn about more volunteer opportunities with Movember, send an email to the gang at

This blog is part of the CardConnect Charitable series, which features unique, employee-authored content. A wide variety of topics will be discussed; all with a charitable-focus. Feel free to email to obtain more information on any of the charities discussed.

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