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Shaila Ortega

August 4th, 2016

3min Read

Optimizing The Customer Experience

Over the past few weeks we have been diving into our integrated payment solution. To continue the series, we are focusing on the features that work to enhance the overall customer experience. A study conducted by Baymard Institute, stated that an average of 68% of eCommerce shoppers abandon their shopping cart before purchasing, or $68 out of every $100 is lost. Many times issues stem from a disconnect in the integrated systems leaving the customer confused and weary of completing a purchase. The best way to ensure that systems are connected in a proper manner is to evaluate the work flow. Whether it be through a mobile app or SaaS system- take a good look at your integrated payments software. A main component that decreases authenticity is having the user click “purchase” and being led to a page that is unlike the rest. By that I mean it simply does not look cohesive with the rest of the site and not only diminishes the users experience, but raises security concerns. How? Think man-in-the-middle attacks--where a third party taps in to your software and reroutes information, leaving you and the customer susceptible to stolen data. A scary thought, but can prevented with the right security features in place. So what does a successful work flow look like?

Eliminating the components that leave space for a momentary lapse in the systems connection is the first step. But ensuring that software is contributing to the success of the user experience goes beyond security, which is why we have created the simplest customer facing solution available. Let me introduce you to CardPointe, providing integrated partners with a platform to securely process, track and manage transactions. We believe that in order for the customer to remain engaged through the workflow, the partner must have access to the tools on the back end to support them— that is why we provide them with complimentary access. With features like real time transaction management & 360° reporting, CardPointe provides partners with the ability assist the customer with any obstacle they may face. Take a look at our latest video to see how CardPointe can simplify and secure your payment processing needs.

This blog is a part of the Integrated Payment series. This series will focus on integrating payments into software for small and large businesses alike, while keeping our audience up-to-date on the happenings within the integrated payments world.

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