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Chelsea Palo

July 14th, 2016

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Say hello to the CardConnect Web Tokenizer for SAP

We are excited to announce SAP users can choose from 3 modes of input when evoking our web tokenizer within SAP. This means you can directly integrate the below P2PE devices to securely swipe a credit/debit card or manually key in cardholder data:

  • Ingenico iSC250
  • Ingenico iPP320

As a reminder, our Web Tokenizer is a web application that makes a HTTPS call to our token server (TokenSecure) to tokenize card numbers, thereby restricting users from entering sensitive data directly into their SAP system. The tokens containing this information (expiration date, cardholder name, card type, etc.) are transferred into SAP and stored in the card number field. The result? A secure and compliant environment.

Web Tokenizer's Direct Integration

Our Web Tokenizer is integrated to all four SAP GUI screens: Order-Entry (VA01/VA02 Main Overview), Order-Entry (VAO1/VAO2 Header Payment Tab), Customer Master (XD02 and FD02) and CardClear (used to pay A/R invoices), so users don't have to bother with a download. Better yet, because each screen is integrated to the tokenizer, users have the luxury of working in a SAP-standard screen.

To save time and avoid cumbersome duplicate entries, users also have the ability to store a profile directly from a transaction - the token, cardholder's name and expiration date are automatically populated and saved.

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