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Chelsea Palo

December 2nd, 2016

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CardConnect Volunteers Locally | Our Day at Warwick Furnace Farm

Since moving CardConnect headquarters to King of Prussia in 2012, we’ve truly enjoyed becoming more involved in the Greater Philadelphia region, and finding creative ways to give back to our community byway of our charitable arm, CardConnections. In fact, we recently became the first corporate organization to participate in the Chester County Community Foundation's Giving Circles program. With Giving Circles, various groups of CardConnect team members pool their charitable dollars, learn about a non-profit sector via site visits, and decide together which charities to support. So far, we have three main Giving Circles dedicated to the following charitable goals: children-related organizations, environmental causes and animal-focused charities.

Last week, our Environmental Giving Circle visited the Warwick Furnace Farm in Glenmoore, PA. Before we discuss our experience, it’s time for a little history lesson. Let’s rewind to September 17, 1777: General George Washington and his troops just endured defeat by the British at the Battle of Brandywine. Tired, with damaged weaponry and depleted morale due to severe weather conditions, Washington decided to find reprieve in the Warwick Furnace, nestled deep in the valley of the French Creek in northern Chester County. There, they recuperated, resupplied and repaired their weapons by the impressive, warm furnace. Fast-forwarding to February 2016, staff at the French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust took a hike to the remains of the Warwick furnace, thus beginning their quest to permanently protect the site.

Warwick Furnace Farm is now protected as one of North America’s most significant historical sites; functioning as a sanctuary for bald eagles, red-tailed hawks and people alike. Over the next few years they have big plans for the land, including reforestation. This is where CardConnect comes in. Our Environmental Giving Circle group visited the furnace in late November, where they cleared the brush around the famed ‘Goliath’ oak tree to make room for benches, marked other trees for the beginning stages of a foot path and started to clear a larger area for a walking trail. Our volunteers were in great company, as many local farmers and neighbors volunteer every Thursday to manicure the overgrown space.

We can't wait for our next volunteer outing with French & Pickering!

CardConnect volunteers from left-to-right: Michael Motz, Alec Larsen, Jen Ireland and Rush Taggart)

If you’d like to learn about more volunteer opportunities at Warwick Furnace Farm, send an email to the French & Pickering Creeks Conversation Trust gang at

This blog is part of the CardConnect Charitable series, which features unique, employee-authored content. A wide variety of topics will be discussed; all with a charitable-focus. Feel free to email to obtain more information on any of the charities listed.

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