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At CardConnect, we share a collective drive about improving the future of payments.

Working @ CardConnect

While it is almost impossible to adequately describe the CardConnect culture (it’s more of a ‘you know it when you feel it’ kind of thing), we make it a point to nurture our environment to ensure our team members receive the encouragement they need to continue pushing the boundaries of our industry.

With that being said, we play by a few rules that reinforce the ‘CardConnect way’.

  • 01 Be humble; don’t forget our roots.
  • 02 Be friendly and welcoming to others.
  • 03 Don’t have unnecessary meetings; others’ time is just as valuable as yours.
  • 04 Don’t pass the buck when you can accomplish the task yourself.
  • 05 Empower everyone to make decisions.
  • 06 Speed and quality both matter.
  • 07 Great work is recognized and rewarded.
  • 08 Be flexible...things change!
  • 09 Challenge the status quo.
  • 10 Respect all diversity.
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