Chain Store Age: How to Stay Protected in this New Age of Data Breaches


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Our Vice President of Information Security, Justin Shipe, has an invaluable role at CardConnect. He’s the pro that keeps our data safe and secure, always thinking and acting one step ahead of potential threats.

In addition to protecting CardConnect’s, he holds on to mounds of his own information about data security. Last month, he was willing to share some of his helpful advice with online retail publication Chain Store Age, in an article called “How to Stay Protected in this New Age of Data Breaches.” In the piece, Justin highlights the reasoning behind the increase in data breaches, where they happen and how to mitigate the impact when they do. His tips are important for every business to know - here are a few of them:

> Proactivity and preparation is everything - create and consistently update a comprehensive security program and incident response plan

> Invite stakeholders from all over your business to conduct a risk assessment as large as you can, at least once a year

> Implement data protection solutions like point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization to prevent the use of sensitive data for fraudulent activity

“There’s no way around it. Breaches will happen and if businesses don’t put the right steps into place to protect customer information, the impact can be devastating and lasting. Do the research and ask the questions that will get your business set up for a much less painful impact if and when a breach does occur.”

Justin has more than ten years experience in the industry and has shared his talents with CardConnect for nearly five of them.

If this article’s got you thinking about questions you’d like answered, our team is always ready to talk data security.