PaymentsSource: User Experience Hinges on Mastering Omnichannel Payments


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Business owners know their current and prospective customers have expectations. Shoppers have become accustomed to having access to purchase products and services in almost anyway they please. Whether those purchases are made in person, online, over the phone or directly within a mobile app, shoppers have options and they like it that way. Businesses that offer multiple methods for making purchases are operating with an omnichannel payments platform.

Consumer with multiple devices processing omnichannel payments

According to our Senior Vice President of Technology, Nick Aceto, omnichannel payments “allow for an increase in merchant sales, whether it’s through impulse buys or repeat business.” In a recent editorial piece published on, Nick shared this and more of his best advice to businesses thinking about omnichannel payments.

These are Nick’s five top reasons a business can benefit from implementing an omnichannel payments platform:

1. Deeper customer engagement. If you want to keep your customers coming back, give them the simple and seamless checkout experience they expect which means giving them options for making payments.

2. Increased sales. When shopping is convenient, customers are more likely to make purchases. The more options you offer, the more opportunity you have to increase sales.

3. Transactions processed anytime, across any channel. We’ve talked about the importance of improving the customer experience, but let’s not forget how helpful multiple sales channels can be to the business itself. If you own a brick-and-mortar but have an online shop, you can still make sales when the store isn’t even open.

4. Merchant flexibility beyond POS. Another win for the business owners! With an omnichannel payment platform, you can manage transactions from more places than just your point-of-sale terminal.

5. Data security. An omnichannel platform with strong security solutions can protect your business and all of its sales channels, while giving your merchants peace of mind.

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