PaymentsSource: The Payment Tech Revolution Requires More Nimble Project Management


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How Tech Teams Can Cultivate Productivity and New Ideas

Our very own Chet Culver, Director of Application Development here at CardConnect, recently pulled together some helpful key learnings to help other teams out there nurture a productive tech work environment. He shared them with PaymentsSource featured in a recent PayThink column called “The payment tech revolution requires more nimble project management.”

In this piece, you’ll find his ideas on understanding a company’s core values, using resources correctly, mixing methodologies to find the best model for a team, retrospective discussions, and using deadlines sparingly.

He strongly believes in building a team culture with a successful Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which can be used to decrease overhead and impact to internal operations. A solid SDLC is how our CardConnect teams can stay so nimble and quickly embrace new technologies and ideas. All of this to make sure we are giving the very best to our clients every day.

Check out his Chet’s full tips from PaymentsSource and see how you can apply them to your own teams.