Why No Other Work-from-Home Jobs Compare to Becoming a Sales Agent in the Payments Industry


The benefits don't stop: Become a sales agent in the payments industry today!

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Now more than ever, having a work-life balance occupation is a necessity. From commuting to work every day, to gas, to the cost of tolls associated with it and/or the time it takes out of your day just to get ready and get to where you need to go - many of us can say that we would much rather enjoy the flexibility of time and the comfort that we get when working from home.

With the pandemic forcing many companies to adjust and move their operations to a work-from-home model, along with the advancement of technology, having the ability and opportunity to do this is now easier than ever.

However, it can be somewhat nerve-wracking to look for the right position because there seems to be so many different opportunities out there—and there is always the possibility that the job that catches your eye is too good to be true.

Here are a few reasons how becoming a sales agent in the payments industry can check off all of your ‘must-have’ occupation boxes:

A legit, work-from-home job, anyone?

Earn some extra cash while still being able to have time for self-care, family and friends by working as a payment processing sales agent! If you’re not interested in working in an office every single day, this could be the perfect role for you. Better yet, sales agents earn a commission with each client referral they make.

A sales agent’s commission depends on:

  • How much credit card sales volume the merchant processes each month
  • How much the merchant service provider charges the merchant over cost

So, what exactly is Merchant Sales?

Do you know a business that accepts credit cards for payment? In a nutshell, that’s what merchant sales is. These merchants/business owners use some form of payment processing system in order to complete transactions. The only way anyone can use a debit, credit, loyalty or gift card to make a purchase—whether in-store or online—is because the business owner was provided credit card processing solutions by a merchant service provider.

Now, where does merchant sales come in? A merchant sales agent works for a merchant services company and sells their solutions to business owners.

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