Your Questions on ‘What is a Payment Processing Sales Agent?’ Answered!


Becoming a Sales Agent in the Payment Processing Industry

Is going into Merchant Sales a smart career move?

In short, yes! Among many reasons why starting a sales career in the payments industry is a great idea, the top reasons are knowing that it's easy to get started, it’s flexible and it offers high earning potential.

Becoming a sales agent in the payments industry can open many doors if you seize the right opportunity. But it can also become overwhelming, as there are many sales opportunities to choose from. With merchant sales, it is important to partner with a payments provider that offers the proper tools and resources for its sales partners, as this is key to your success.

What is a merchant in business and a merchant in sales?

A 'merchant in business' is a person or company that sells goods and/or services, whereas a 'merchant in sales' is someone who provides the products and services to business merchants in order to sell their goods to customers. So, what do these both have in common? An independent and entrepreneurial spirit, as they both enjoy working independently but don’t mind being a part of a team when needed, which is great for support. They also go out on their own to pitch to potential clients to build their business. So as a 'merchant salesperson', you’re basically a business owner — minus the liabilities.

How much can you make selling merchant services?

If you have the right qualities to sell, how much money you can earn is practically limitless. In this field, you have so many opportunities to grow your clientele, promote products and services and ultimately, make a profit that can lead to financial security. Better yet, even though merchant services are commission-based, it’s one of those rare sales jobs that allows you to earn monthly residual income. As your base of merchant customers grows, you get commissioned each month based on how much credit card volume your customers process. So, depending on your commitments or need for work-life balance, it’s ultimately up to you on how much or how little you make.

What is the schedule like?

This is not your typical 9-to-5. Flexibility is certain with this career, so don’t expect to see a lot or any structured routine. You create a schedule that works best for you.

What skills are needed?

You bring in your own skill sets and can develop many transferable skills, such as marketing yourself and building on your strengths and becoming better at interpersonal communication and multi-tasking. Need to brush up on your sales tactics? No problem. At CardConnect, we have all the resources you need to learn and grow in the payments industry. We encourage our sales partners to leverage our various partner-facing teams, from Partner Development and Partner Support to Marketing - and everything in between.

How do I get started?

Trying to find the right processing company to partner with can be difficult - but not anymore, because you’ve found CardConnect! Our dedicated team of professionals will teach you how to attract potential merchants at the beginning of your career in sales while building your skillset - in addition to access to marketing tools and so much more.

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