How small businesses can continue to operate safely during the COVID-19 outbreak


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This moment in time is one that has shaken the world. COVID-19 has made an impact on just about every single person on Earth and unfortunately the small businesses of our communities are among the groups most affected by the outbreak. This may not be the start to the new decade we were hoping for, but if the content being shared on social media is any indication of how we’re handling this and attempting to stay connected, it’s clear that people are coming together to support one another, small businesses included.

In many neighborhoods across the country, non-essential businesses have been and will be closed for a stretch of time that cannot be easily predicted. The businesses deemed essential by state governments have been forced to change up their operating models. Curbside pickup and deliveries for businesses like pet stores, hardware shops and grocery stores are now the new norm.

Small businesses need all of the help and support they can get right now. The health and safety of the employees that are working hard to stay open is of the utmost importance. If your business is continuing to operate during this outbreak, there is payment technology available to you to accept payments safely as your employees and customers keep a distance.

Payment methods that can reduce the risk to employees and customers during COVID-19

Mobile Payment Acceptance for Curbside Pickups and Deliveries

If you are a business that has closed your storefront or restaurant to customers or guests, but are still offering your services, mobile payment acceptance is perfect for you right now. As you bring purchases directly to the car windows of your patrons, a mobile solution like an app and credit card chip reader that connects to your phone will allow you to bring payment acceptance alongside you, right in your pocket. Just make sure to sanitize your phone often throughout the day!

Virtual Terminals for Phone Orders

As a business, you may be accepting payments over the phone before your customers arrive curbside for their pickups, or before your employees bravely make deliveries. If that’s the case, a virtual terminal is a great browser-based solution that allows you to accept credit card information securely over the phone, so you don’t have to handle the risky physical transfer of credit cards. It’s important to make sure your business continues to handle credit card data securely, so using a solution like the CardPointe Virtual Terminal ensures all transactions are protected by tokenization and that the data is never stored on your business’s computer or network.

Contactless Payments for Social Distancing

At a time when we are all giving each other extra space, contactless payments like Apple and Google Pay allow your business to avoid the transfer of credit cards between customers and employees. To learn more about how contactless payments can help your business stay safe, the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) has published a comprehensive guide about how they can be used.

Hosted Payment Page for Accepting Online Payments and Donations

If your business or non-profit is closed or has postponed events that are crucial to the sustainability of your operations, adding a hosted payment page to your website is a great way to collect payments and donations virtually. Your customers and donors are not leaving their homes, so this is something simple they can do right from their living rooms. All they have to do is input their credit card information directly into your hosted payment page and your business is able to securely accept the payment.

One thing we do know is that we will get through this moment in history together. For more information that may help support your business during this time, check out our list of additional resources. If you have questions about how CardConnect’s solutions can help your business, please submit them in the below form or give us a call.

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