A Shopping Cart Experience Like No Other

The Power of Three:

CardConnect and Irvine Software Company joined forces to create a nopCommerce shopping cart plugin that is directly integrated with the CardConnect Gateway.

The result? A sophisticated and secure plugin that delivers a seamless user experience.

Security You Can Trust

Every transaction is protected with CardSecure®, CardConnect's patented, PCI-certified solution for securing cardholder data. Sensitive info is replaced with a string of random characters that cannot be reversed - so if breached, no meaningful value is exposed. In tandem to the tokenization process, cardholder data is encrypted and stored in CardConnect's off-site vault.

Easy to Install

Once you receive credentials, simply navigate to nopCommerce's shopping cart’s extension site and follow the installation guide. Fill out the form below to get started.

Checkout Flexibility

Securely process transactions on your site using CardConnect's Ajax Tokenizer or redirect your customers to a customizable hosted payment page.

Integrating a nopCommerce Plugin with the CardConnect Gateway Means You'll Always Win

Interchange Optimization

CardConnect automatically includes Level 2/3 data with every transaction, so you always qualify for the lowest possible rates.

Real-Time Reporting

Business owners have the power to mange processed payments and view full transaction lifecycle reports in real-time

PCI Scope Reduction

CardSecure® protects your customers’ sensitive information from breaches and takes your applications out of PCI compliance scope. This means your SAQ will be reduced to 26 questions, with the potential to eliminate it entirely.

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