The Single Source Solution

Innovative payment technology directly integrated with the software you know and love.

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Accepting payments can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be.

We have joined forces to provide you with a seamlessly

integrated payment solution to ensure accepting payments is

always simple, secure and reliable. Together, CardConnect

and Gatemaster will help you continue to grow your business.

Effortless Acceptance

You can now seamlessly manage your business and securely process payments, all within one platform. This single source solution means you will never have to enter a transaction twice again.

Transparent Pricing

With flat rate pricing of 2.8% + $0.10 per transaction, you'll never be left wondering what you're paying for. Better yet, next day funding will ensure you get your deposits as quickly as possible!

Integrated Payment Terminal

By combining CardConnect’s Bolt P2PE terminal with Gatemaster, you’ll be able to simplify and secure each and every transaction you process with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption.

Transaction Management + Reporting

With CardConnect’s robust CardPointe platform, you’ll be able to easily manage processed payments and view full transaction lifecycle reports in real-time.

Process payments with complete peace of mind, with CardSecure’s help!

Every transaction that is processed via CardConnect is protected by our CardSecure solution - hackers don’t stand a chance.

Patented Tokenization

Upon swipe or card data input, CardSecure replaces sensitive information with a mathematically irreversible token, so all that is left on your system is a unique code that has no intrinsic value.

PCI-Certified Point-to-Point Encryption

In tandem to the tokenization process, cardholder information is encrypted and stored in our off-site vault, ensuring this data never resides on your system.

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 payment solution today!