Now more than ever

payment technology is being leveraged to keep businesses open and provide a way to safely accept payments online or in-person. Learn more about how we've helped our partners and their merchants pivot below.

Step Outside The Office

The Clover Flex provides in-person payments without the wires, including contactless payments via NFC. Accept on-the-go payments securely with this WiFi-enabled Bolt device.

Use Case

A long-standing partner of CardConnect, Gingr offers solutions for pet groomers to simplify their businesses. With the Clover Flex, groomers are able to complete curbside appointments while reducing touchpoints with pet owners.

Invoice On The Go

With the Hosted iFrame Tokenizer, you can directly integrate online payment into your existing software to offer a secure, customizable solution that can be distributed via text or email.

Use Case

The Field Service industry continues to operate, and GPS Insight has delivered a safe solution to their users with the iFrame Tokenizer. Once a job is complete, the user emails the invoice to the customer, meaning tasks can be completed with no
 face-to-face contact.

Order in the Palm of Your Hand

Our Mobile SDK gives you access to payment acceptance integrated directly within a mobile app. As restaurants and other industries pivot to pick up orders, having a mobile solution gives businesses a valuable option to accept orders.

Use Case

SpeedETab’s mobile ordering solution has become vital to restaurants during this time. Offering the ability to order on a mobile device and then pick up food at a specified time cuts down on lines and keeps employees and diners in a safe environment.

Clover Flex

The Clover Flex is the newest addition to CardConnect’s Bolt line of terminals, providing another option for contactless payments with 
a sleek, mobile device. The Flex even includes cellular connectivity, removing the boundaries of where payments are accepted.

ID TECH VP5300 Coming Soon

Leveraging the ID TECH VP5300 device, Bolt Unattended is the perfect solution for drive-through or kiosk-based payment acceptance. With EMV capabilities, you can ensure that unattended doesn’t mean unsecure.

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